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Hi Farmers!This month has proven to be quite eventful for the cryptocurrency landscape, particularly where new L1s are concerned, with the launch of trending blockchains like Aptos, and hype around Sui.Nonetheless, here at DEFIYIELD, just like any other month, we have made some important advancements in this month’s first half as well, which we will get straight into.Don’t Miss our UNBELIEVABLE 🚀 DeFiYield.App Integrations Video!In a bear market, profits from yield farming or trading can be hard to come by. As a result, much attention has shifted to the topic of airdrops.Here at DEFIYIELD, we have a research team working round the clock to identify new potential opportunities.Last week, we published a megathread of 11 potential airdrops that you can participate in, and hopefully score some free crypto worth thousands. More importantly, we discuss some concrete step-by-step actions that you can take to maximize your chances.Check out our megathread here!Unfortunately, DeFi remains a risky place, and October saw a whopping $200m being exploited and stolen.We at DEFIYIELD are constantly working to keep you up to date on all exploits or hacks within the cryptocurrency landscape.You can find our latest detailed analysis of the biggest scams and hacks in the ‘Crypto Scam Reports’ section here.To keep up with the latest in DeFi security, check out our Rekt Database, the world’s largest database for hacks and scams in crypto.In Late October, we integrated a new chain into our dashboard — Terra 2.0!To see your assets on Terra 2.0 with the DEFIYIELD dashboard, simply connect your Terra 2.0 wallet to our site, and select the Terra 2.0 chain as shown below.Towards the end of October, we also placed a focus on integrating the leading protocols in Arbitrum.We are glad to announce that we have now integrated GMX!Track your assets on GMX at the DEFIYIELD cross-chain asset management dashboard here.We had over 800 people tune in to our recent Twitter space earlier this month. Here, we looked at the 6 biggest blockchains across the EVM and Cosmos space, and gave away $500 in prizes.Stay tuned on our Twitter page for more Spaces and Giveaways!By popular demand, we have also released a new addition to our Ultimate Guide series — The Ultimate Crypto Airdrop Guide.After much research, we have added even more new entries into our airdrop guide, with projects ranging from much hyped blockchains like Optimism and Sui, to smaller and less-known ones like Berachain and Celestia.Check out the guide here to score some free crypto, potentially worth up to $15,000!The DeFiYield team attended Rare Bloom 2022, Denver, Colorado!Here, we connected with the Cardano community, showcased the world’s first DeFi dashboard for Cardano, and talked about how our revolutionary DeFi Antivirus security tool is coming to Cardano soon.At RareBloom, we met with numerous teams of projects building on Cardano, such as SundaeSwap, VyFi and Meld, among others. Here, we are seen catching up with Big Pey, one of the key figures in the Cardano community.We discussed potential partnerships, integrations and creative collaborations, and even managed to catch up with the founder of Cardano — Charles Hoskinson himself!This event is hosted with the intent of educating people on the Cardano space, connecting the Web3 community in Cardano and beyond, and empowering the community to create and utilize new developments in the Cardano ecosystem and beyond.With that said, here are a few pictures of the DEFIYIELD team attending this event!Meeting Pete from the Learn Cardano Podcast and JCrypto at our booth!Catching up with Kaizen Crypto, YouTuber and Stakepool Operator, over lunch!We also met up with the SundaeSwap team at our booth!We made several important upgrades to our Explore Opportunity Tool, offering a more streamlined experience for finding the best yields in DeFi.First, we have improved the Stablecoin display interface. Additionally, we updated our filters to allow you to quickly find any Proof-of-Stake Staking opportunities.Simply check the new filter, and compare median APRs across a range of protocols!Check out our updated Explore Opportunity features here.In October, our YouTube Channel continued from strength to strength. We hit a new record of 25,000 hours in watch time, as well as passing the 12,000 subscriber mark!Some of our most popular videos include our latest Airdrops series, where we cover how to qualify for the top airdrops in the crypto space — including popular projects such as Aptos and Sui. Check them out here!Featuring daily content covering recent developments within the cryptocurrency landscape, our YouTube channel is the go-to place for DeFi enthusiasts.For those looking to gain insights regarding lucrative investment opportunities and the latest news, it would be a worthwhile endeavor for them to check out our channel, especially if they want to take advantage of any big changes that occur.▶️ How to Get $2,000 AIRDROP from LAYER ZERO (100%)▶️ How to Get $1,000 Optimism AIRDROP (Hurry Up!!)▶️ $1,500+ Quai Network AIRDROP (Easiest Way)For more DeFiYield updates, visit us at: 🌐 Website | 📱 Telegram | 🐦TwitterAnd also check out our guides here: luck in farming!

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