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The XRP community has been abuzz following a recent Politico report highlighting the lack of a strong Republican contender to challenge Senator Elizabeth Warren, known for her critical stance on cryptocurrencies. XRP community member Eri (@sentosumosaba) has ignited a wave of enthusiasm by urging John Deaton, a prominent pro-XRP lawyer, to run against Senator Warren for the US Senate seat in Massachusetts.

Eri’s tweet, proposing Deaton’s candidacy, rapidly gained momentum within the crypto community, drawing support from notable figures. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s retweet of Eri’s post marked a significant endorsement from the industry. Additionally, Attorney Jeremy Hogan, a key figure in the pro-XRP legal community, rallied behind this idea, encouraging Deaton to take up the challenge: “Run John, Run!”

Deaton is a staunch critic of Senator Warren, primarily because of her stance against cryptocurrencies. As a lawyer advocating for XRP, Deaton has frequently highlighted Warren’s actions, labeling her as a significant threat to the freedoms of American citizens. He has also accused the senator of not fulfilling her duties adequately, specifically citing her lack of effective oversight over the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which he views as a violation of her oath as a lawmaker.

Pro-XRP Lawyer Deaton Responds To The Call

Via X, Deaton responded to the call for his candidacy. He stated, “This article says that I’m a critic of Elizabeth Warren due to her anti-crypto stance. I’m a critic of Senator Warren on so much more than Crypto. Crypto is just one example and not the most important example.”

The lawyer elaborated on his critique of Warren’s policies, particularly on poverty and income inequality. He shared his personal experiences and views, contrasting them with what he perceives as Warren’s failures to address the wealth gap. “In 12 years as a Senator, she has done NOTHING to help reduce income inequality,” Deaton asserted.

Focusing on Warren’s recent legislative efforts to impose restrictions on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Deaton expressed strong disapproval: “Elizabeth Warren claims to be for reducing income inequality yet her answer to the problem is to ban the number one appreciating asset the world has ever seen.” He further criticized her stance as counterproductive to the creation of new accredited investors and detrimental to individual financial autonomy.

Delving deeper into his potential policy positions, Deaton spoke about the need for tax reform and the importance of accessible investment opportunities for average Americans. He criticized the current accredited investor rules, which he feels disproportionately favor the wealthy and well-connected. “You build wealth by owning appreciable assets. How do you get appreciable assets in regular people’s hands? By allowing much more access to those assets and markets,” Deaton argued.

Deaton also addressed Warren’s stance on other key issues, such as abortion and women’s rights, expressing his support for these rights and readiness to engage in a broader political debate. He stated, “I have three daughters and I’m incapable of supporting anything that would strip away or infringe on their rights or freedoms.”

Furthermore, Deaton brought up Warren’s record on corporate accountability, contrasting her actions with his own career of litigating against corporations for harmful practices. He challenged her record, stating, “Warren pounded the table outraged that no banker went to jail after causing the financial crisis of 2008. Those same bankers now write her bills.”

Will Deaton Challenge Warren?

In response to a comment by Neil Hartner, senior staff software engineer at Ripple, who stated, “Running as a Republican in possibly the most Democratic state; You’ve fought harder fights,” Deaton highlighted the unique political landscape of the state. He pointed out, “Regardless of who runs, […] here’s the truth: 60% of registered voters in Massachusetts are not enrolled in either party […] Massachusetts has the highest percentage of independent voters than any state in the country.”

Amidst the buzz, a crucial piece of information remains uncertain: whether John Deaton is considering a candidacy against Senator Elizabeth Warren. As of now, Deaton has not confirmed his intentions to take up this political challenge. However, it is evident that his potential entry into the race would not only be a pivotal moment for the entire crypto space and one heck of an event to watch.

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