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Hi Farmers!We know your eyes will be on the Ethereum Merge that is dominating the news this month. We’re watching it closely too but that hasn’t stopped us from making plenty of progress, just like we always do!Let’s get straight into all that’s happened in the first half of September at DEFIYIELD.Our regular readers will know that we’re constantly integrating new protocols and blockchains — including 43 Ethereum Protocols! — but we also integrate wallets.This includes our latest integration for Flint Wallet!This one is particularly important for Cardano users, as Flint Wallet already supports Cardano and Cardano dApp connections, including Milkomeda wrap & unwrap support.Speaking of Cardano, did you know that DEFIYIELD played a key role in the biggest Cardano Twitter Space, which involved 4,200 listeners!It took place at the end of August and included MuesliSwap, SundaeSwap, MinSwap, Meld, Milkomeda and VyFinance alongside CryptoSlate and big pey.This special event covered some truly fascinating ‘Cardano Secrets’ revealed by top projects and influencers.You know by now that the media interest in DEFIYIELD just doesn’t stop!Every month, we get mentioned by a range of publications and the main ones in the first half of September included Fortune, The Global Herald and NFT Gators. You can read them here:👉👉👉 that wasn’t all…As well as the coverage we’ve mentioned, one of the biggest appearances for DEFIYIELD this month came when Co-Founder Michael Rosmer was interviewed by Yahoo Finance TV!This comprehensive feature focused on ‘The Merge’ and Michael was able to bring his years of experience in the space to the audience, by providing plenty of insight on what has come before and what might occur in future.If you missed it, you can check it out here: 👇 DeFi security experts, we just can’t help but keep highlighting the amazing tools available to keep you safe!That’s why we’ve just got to give another shout out to the REKT Database, which keeps growing and is an invaluable resource for all users to rely on.So, if you haven’t checked it out lately, make sure to now!👉 this September being such a significant month for crypto, it’s a great time to keep up with the latest news and insights, so you’re positioned to take advantage of any big changes.That’s why you should also check out the latest and greatest content on the DEFIYIELD YouTube channel, which just keeps building!👉 How to Get ETHEREUM Airdrop after MERGE ($1,000)👉 Why Ethereum WILL FLIP Bitcoin after The MERGE?!!If you just can’t wait to hear more about the amazing updates DEFIYIELD is constantly coming out with, you need to make sure you’re first in line to find out!For more DeFiYield updates, visit us at:🌐 Website | 📱 Telegram | 🐦TwitterCheck our guides here!Good luck in farming!

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