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I wouldn’t bet any amount of money on a web-based mini-game titled ‘Dookey Dash’ to revive much of anything, and certainly not the entire sub-section of a niche crypto corner. However, Yuga Labs’ first take at an ‘ape ingrained’ mini-game has been making waves this month. While the relatively simple game won’t reinvent the wheel, it is causing dialogue and discussion at what could be an opportune time in crypto.

If the timing indeed is appropriate and bull market conditions re-emerge, could Yuga’s Dookey Dash mini-game be seen as the turning point that pumped the life back into GameFi?

Refresh Me… GameFi? 

If there was one topic that was pushed all the way back into the ether during bear market conditions, it’s GameFi. In early 2022, before the bear market winds turned, it was one of the hottest topics of discussion within crypto and NFT communities. Many believed that GameFi was ‘next up,’ and the momentum around titles like Axie Infinity was rallying hard.

By the end of the first quarter, the market was losing steam, and of course the remainder of the year showed few players in crypto any favors. GameFi was effectively pushed to the backburner, though the NFT market continued trudging forward.

Could bull market conditions be in crypto’s near future? If so, GameFi may be in prime position to continue from the momentum that waned just a year ago.

Yuga Labs aims to build a more cohesive ecosystem around Apes, which currently includes the APE token. | Source: APE-USD on

Yuga Labs & ‘Dookey Dash’

Yuga Labs has long expressed desire to build a broader metaverse with gamified elements, utilizing properties like Bored Apes and Mutant Apes. In enters Dookey Dash, the earliest iteration of these efforts. The title is a simple web-based mini-game that allows Ape and Mutant owners to utilize their NFT to look to record a high score. The winner is believed to be awarded a custom 1-of-1 Ape.

Part of the hype has been driven by former esports professionals and content creators playing to win. Look no further than former Fortnite legend Mongraal, who has recorded the top score on at least two separate occasions.

Mongraal has nearly a million dollars in official Fortnite earnings and was a staple player in the most competitive region in the game. In the rare occasions that Mongraal has streamed on Twitch in recent months, he has averaged roughly 8,500 viewers – and now he stands to potentially earn more money from a mini-game than he did over years of grinding Fortnite.

Even more impactful could be Mongraal’s role in amplifying Dookey Dash towards more traditional gamers – a pivotal pillar of growth for GameFi that we haven’t seen yet.

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