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The future XRP price is one topic that has been keenly debated since Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling in favor of Ripple against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with many crypto analysts chiming in on the token’s future trajectory. 

Some have stated that XRP could go as high as $10,000, while others have taken a more conservative approach, setting the token’s price at around $25. Meanwhile, others have presented a bearish outlook before XRP can actualize any upward trend. 

The Most Bullish XRP Price Predictions

A particular crypto analyst (Bitforcoinz) stated that each XRP could cost $10,000. His assertion stems from the belief that Ripple could disrupt the global financial structure and take a huge chunk of the market share once that happens. It is believed that XRP’s market cap could rise tremendously if this happens, leading to a surge in the token’s price.

However, another analyst, Zach Rector, doesn’t believe that ‘$10,000 XRP’ could happen as there will need to be a “Currency Reset and Debt Restructuring” before XRP can rally to such heights. He doesn’t even see the XRP price breaking beyond $50 if this restructuring doesn’t happen. 

Another crypto analyst took a more moderate approach, stating that the XRP price could go as high as $249 depending on Bitcoin’s trajectory and how high the flagship cryptocurrency rose. However, in the short term (when the bull market returns), he sees XRP rising to as high as $43.

The ‘$43 XRP’ seems very conservative considering that prominent crypto analyst and XRP influencer, XRP Captain, recently shared his technical analysis and noted the potential of XRP trading between $100 and $130 in the next bull run. 

In all this, it is also important to highlight the bullish sentiment of pro-XRP Wall Street financial analyst Linda Jones, who has touted XRP as the next big thing in the financial market. She likened the crypto token to Microsoft and Apple’s stocks. 

She had previously weighed in on the possibility of Ripple going public. Going by her prediction, a Ripple stock could be valued as high as $600. By extension, this would affect the XRP price, potentially rising to as high as $5 at the minimum. 

More Pain Before Any XRP Rally

While the general outlook toward XRP price seems to be bullish, some analysts have come out to warn that there could be a further decline in the token’s price before any massive rally. One of them is a TradingView crypto analyst who uses the pseudonym ‘TheLeadingIndicator.’

According to this person, XRP is unlikely to perform well soon as he predicts that the token will decline to as low as $0.22 before Bitcoin Halving happens in April 2024. However, in the longer term, there are some positives as his analysis points to rapid in a couple of years as the XRP price could go as high as $25 when that period comes (TheLeadingIndicator has placed the target year at 2028).

While the price predictions continue to differ, the XRP community can take solace in the fact that almost every analyst seems to have a bullish narrative toward the token. All that differs is how high it will go and when it will attain new highs. 

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