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Melee on the Meteor, the eagerly anticipated first playtest from Wildcard, a hybrid multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and collectible card game, is scheduled to take place February 23, 2023. The event marks the first time members of the Wildcard community will come together as competitors, fans, and spectators in the never-before-seen Frostburn Arena inside the newest build of the Wildcard video game.This anxiously awaited premiere event follows the announcement of The Wildcard Alliance, a new Web3 gaming company, and offshoot of Playful Studios, which quickly became one of the talked about Web3 projects in gaming with a growing Discord community of 30,000 members. Launched with a $46 million investment from Paradigm, a firm known for backing disruptive crypto and Web3 companies and protocols, Wildcard is the beginning of a new genre of online games where being a fan is as fundamental to the experience as being a competitor.Paul Bettner, known for developing “Age of Empires” and “Words with Friends,” created the game. He teamed up with his wife Katy Drake Bettner, to form the Wildcard Alliance and assemble a team of experienced game developers and IP creators.“What sets Wildcard apart is an emphasis on quality and fun,” said Dave White, Research Partner at Paradigm. “Paul and the team have a proven track record of building fun games at the frontier of what’s possible, and they are using Web3 technology in truly innovative ways to bring openness and accessibility to proven eSports mechanisms.”The exhibition match, Melee on the Meteor, will feature players going head-to-head and play out Champions Bolgar and Locke in their long-anticipated Grudge Match. Spectators will have the chance to win airdropped giveaways and spots on Wildcard’s upcoming NFT mint allowlist. Launching on Polygon’s environmentally friendly blockchain, the game is designed to be the ultimate spectator sport.The community can also take part in fun pre-game activities in the lead up to the match. On February 22, 2023 at 10 a.m. PT/12 p.m. CT/1 p.m. ET. on the Wildcard Discord server, fans can join a live tailgating party which will include a private tour of the arena.Melee on the Meteor: A Grudge Match Five Years in the Making“LOCKE AND BOLGAR SHARE A QUIET MOMENT BEFORE THE GRUDGE MATCH. AFTER 5 YEARS IN RETIREMENT, BOLGAR’S BACK IN THE ARENA AGAIN”Bolgar and Locke are gearing up for their historic showdown in state-of-the-art Frostburn Arena, where the Wildcard Exhibition: Melee on the Meteor is set to take place on February 23, 2023, at 10 a.m. PT/12 p.m. CT/1 p.m. ET on Discord, Twitch and YouTube. This is the first-ever chance to witness epic PvP battles between Web3 gaming streamers and the community playtesters.Hear that? That’s the sound of a party happening next Wednesday 2/22 at 1pm EST/10am PST.Hang out with the Devs and kick back before the Grudge Match at the Tailgate Party! Don’t miss out man, that FOMO is real and all your friends are going to be there.#Wildcard #MOBA #Web3— WILDCARD™ (@PlayWildcard) February 15, 2023“CHAMPIONS FROM ACROSS THE GALAXY ASSEMBLE DECKS OF COLLECTIBLE CARDS, SUMMONING POWERFUL  CREATURES AND HARNESSING THEIR STRENGTHS IN DRAMATIC CLASHES AT ARENAS THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE. THEY MUST OUT-PLAY, OUT-STRATEGIZE, OUT-WIT THEIR OPPONENTS AND CRUSH THEIR GOAL TO TAKE HOME THE WILDCARD GLORY!”Melee on the Meteor is just a glimpse into the future of Wildcard. The game schedule includes Game 01: Community vs. Community, Game 02: Streamer vs. Streamer, and Game 03: Community vs. Streamer. The winning community playtester and Web3 streamer will challenge each other in the final match, determining whether Locke keeps his crown or Bolgar recaptures the glory.This exhibition match will be the first time members of the Wildcard community come together as competitors, fans, and spectators. It is an exciting  opportunity to showcase the foundation on which everything else in Wildcard is built. The Wildcard Alliance is thrilled to have this opportunity to showcase its community and everything that makes Wildcard unique. The outcome of Melee on the Meteor, played live by members of the Wildcard community, will forever shape the history, lore, and story of the Wildcard universe in eternity! Take advantage of this epic event and mark your calendars for February 23, 2023!Find out more about Wildcard >> HereWant more? Connect with NFT PlazasJoin the Weekly NewsletterJoin our DiscordFollow us on TwitterLike us on FacebookFollow us on Instagram*All investment/financial opinions expressed by NFT Plazas are from the personal research and experience of our site moderators and are intended as educational material only. Individuals are required to fully research any product prior to making any kind of investment. NFT and Web3 Ambassador. Bullish on all things Blockchain.

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