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The Crypto market has seen an uptick in activity in late February, and so have we. These few weeks, we have been busy not only developing our product and forging partnerships, but also completing a huge rebrand.Moving into the second half of February 2023, we are here to provide updates on the latest developments within the DeFi space, along with a sneak peek of some exciting new features that are landing in the coming weeks. Read to the end, and you may just figure out how to win a share of $25,000!Let’s have a look!MASSIVE REBRANDING: DEFIYIELD IS NOW DE.FIDEFIYIELD is now De.Fi!De.Fi has undergone a rebranding that solidifies its position as the number one DeFi Dashboard, the biggest Web3 SuperApp, and Security Provider. With 43 blockchains, 8 exchanges, and 370 protocols fully integrated into De.Fi, it offers the biggest Web3 fully loaded experience ever. De.Fi has pioneered Crypto’s First Antivirus: the “Scanner” and “Shield” — multi-layer security solutions that alert crypto investors of malicious assets and high-risk smart contracts, making it a leading DeFi Security Provider.De.Fi also offers the biggest aggregator of the historical data of 10k+ LPs and Vaults of 350+ DeFi protocols, with the Explore Yield tool, finding the best opportunities in Yield Farming, Pools, Dex’s, Liquid Staking, Lending, and more. It also boasts the biggest databases of crypto hacks and crypto audits, making it a formidable tool for DeFi enthusiasts.WIN A SHARE OF $25,000: DE.FI QUESTS LAUNCH!To celebrate our recent rebranding, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the De.Fi Quest Challenge. This exciting challenge offers you a chance to win prizes up to $25,000. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Web3 user, this challenge is open to all levels!To participate in the De.Fi Quest Challenge, complete the tasks presented at There are four levels, each with a unique NFT that you can mint at the end of the Quest. The tasks are designed to provide you with a fun and exciting way to engage with De.Fi, while learning more about our platform and its capabilities.In addition to the chance to win prizes, participants who sign up for early access will receive exclusive benefits. We encourage everyone to sign up today and take advantage of this exciting opportunity. Check out our full guide for more information on how to get started with the De.Fi Quest Challenge.🚨 MAJOR NEWS: Announcing De.Fi Becoming the First Web3 SuperApp!Crypto is hard. And at De.Fi our main goal was always to:Simplify it;And make it Secure.There are thousands of protocols, blockchains, and exchanges in the space. So how can the average user feel comfortable in such a complicated space?Well, now it’s possible — as TODAY IS THE DAY: De.Fi has just Bridged the Worlds of Exchanges and DeFi Together.When De.Fi became the FIRST Platform to Bridge 4 Crypto Exchanges and DeFi Protocols TOGETHER — Binance, OKX, KuCoin, and Huobi Exchanges are now FULLY Integrated into our Dashboard!Along with 43 Blockchains and 370+ DeFi Protocols, De.Fi now FULLY Supports Crypto EXCHANGES!Go to De.Fi Dashboard, make a bundle of your DeFi Wallets and Exchange Accounts, and manage them from 1 Place!Making Crypto Easier and Safer for our #Community 💙NEW INTEGRATION: MOONBEAM!We here at De.Fi is proud to announce our partnership with Moonbeam Network, showcasing cross-chain EVM-based applications built on the network. Moonbeam Network, along with its canary, MoonriverNW, are now fully integrated into the De.Fi Dashboard, making it easier for $MOVR and $GLMR enthusiasts to track their staking positions, assets, and balances in one place. In addition to tracking $GLMR positions, De.Fi also allows users to discover $GLMR staking opportunities from across the ecosystem. The integration of Moonbeam Network protocols into De.Fi APY Aggregator is now available for you to try at!NEW INTEGRATION: BABY DOGE SWAP!Announcing the Integration of the BIGGEST BNB Chain Mascot!We are Excited to Announce that BabyDogeSwap, The most Extensive Swapping and Farming Protocol, has become Part of the De.Fi Dashboard!Staking, Yield Farming, or Swapping on BabyDogeSwap? It’s never been that easy to manage your positions and assets on it!Test the integration now on De.Fi Dashboard!NEW PARTNERSHIP: MISES BROWSERWe are pleased to announce that we have entered a partnership with Mises Browser.As part of this collaboration, Mises Browser now includes De.Fi and recommends it in the Web3 Sites Portfolio area. This integration will enable users to access De.Fi quickly and securely on mobile devices.Mises Browser is the first mobile web3 browser that can run decentralized applications (dApps) on iOS and Android devices. The browser offers a suite of tools that make it easy for users to interact with decentralized applications and access decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. With the integration of De.Fi, Mises Browser users will have access to a powerful dashboard that provides comprehensive data on the DeFi ecosystem.Our YouTube channel is a great resource for DeFi enthusiasts, as it features daily content on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world.This week, we covered a range of Airdrops that could earn you thousands, and have even begun to feature content on how the new AI hype is impacting the overall Crypto space. We are proud to be one of the few crypto YouTube channels that is still growing despite the bear market — late this month, we reached 18.1k subscribers!Right now we are GIVING AWAY free copies of Security Bibles — the most comprehensive DeFi Security Guide brought to you by the De.Fi Team!

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