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We began the year with some cautious optimism, as the cryptocurrency market began to recover somewhat. The early part of February had its own share of drama, though, with Paxos being banned from minting additional BUSD.Moving into the second month of 2023, DEFIYIELD is here to provide updates on the latest developments within the DeFi space, along with a sneak peek of some exciting new features that are landing in the coming weeks.This month, we are proud to announce that we have not only achieved our goal of fully integrating the Cosmos ecosystem into our Dashboard, but have also integrated 2 name services and entered a partnership with Evmos. In addition to that, we have not slowed down on releasing improvements to our product.Let’s take a look at what has happened at DEFIYIELD during the first half of this month!NEW INTEGRATION: STARGAZE NAME SERVICEWe are thrilled to announce the integration of the Stargaze Name Service into the DEFIYIELD Dashboard! This exciting development means that you can now search for .stars domains and keep an eye on them using the DEFIYIELD Dashboard.The StarGaze Name Service is a decentralized naming service built on the Cosmos ecosystem. It allows users to register human-readable names and map them to complex and hard-to-remember blockchain addresses. This makes it easier for users to interact with decentralized applications and services, without the need to remember long strings of letters and numbers.Whether you are interested in the latest transactions of whales, or you want to keep an eye on other top-performing domains, the DEFIYIELD Dashboard has you covered.NEW INTEGRATION: THORCHAIN NAME SERVICEThis month, we are integrating not just one, but two name service protocols!We are delighted to announce that the THORChain Name Service is now fully integrated into DEFIYIELD Dashboard. This means that users who enjoy doing DeFi on THORChain can now connect to DEFIYIELD much faster with their own THORname.THORChain is a decentralized liquidity network that aims to provide users with seamless cross-chain transactions and liquidity provision. With THORChain, users can swap assets across different blockchain networks without relying on a centralized exchange.This integration is a significant milestone in the growth of THORChain’s ecosystem, as it will allow users to access a broad range of DeFi services and applications, including yield farming, staking, and liquidity provision, among others. With the integration of TNS into DEFIYIELD, users can now connect to their preferred DeFi platforms with just a few clicks, without worrying about complex wallet addresses and other technical details.DEFIYIELD PARTNERED WITH COINGECKO!DEFIYIELD has Partnered with CoinGecko to Perform a Comprehensive Security Investigation of DeFi in 2022!What are the Most Damaging Methods of Crypto Hacks and Exploits in 2022?⚡ Read the Study!DEFIYIELD BECOMES THE BIGGEST GATEWAY OF THE COSMOS ECOSYSTEMFor the past few months, it has been one of our key missions to fully integrate the Cosmos ecosystem into our dashboard. Just last month, we introduced the integration of Crescent blockchain into our dashboard.This month, we are proud to announce that our cross-chain DeFi dashboard has completed its integration with 14 Cosmos blockchains, and is the world’s first to do so. The integration is a significant step towards creating a more user-friendly and accessible DeFi ecosystem that can cater to different blockchain networks.The 14 Cosmos blockchains supported by DEFIYIELD are Osmosis, Evmos, Kava, Secret, CosmosHub, Crescent, Juno, Terra, Terra 2.0, Akash, Agoric, Stargaze, Kujira, and THORChain. With the integration of these blockchains, users can now access a broad range of DeFi services and applications, including yield farming, staking, and liquidity provision, among others.The first newly-integrated blockchain this month is Secret Network. Secret Network is the first mainnet blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts. With DEFIYIELD integration, users can now access and track their SCRT positions and track Secret Network’s juicy yields.Another new entrant for February is Juno. Juno Network is a cross-chain smart contract hub for Cosmos that aims to become a more functional sister network of Cosmos Hub.Akash Network, an open-source and decentralized cloud computing platform, is another blockchain that was integrated into the DEFIYIELD dashboard this month. Users of AKT and its decentralized P2P marketplace for cloud computing can now track their AKT balances with the DeFi dashboard.Fourth on the list is Agoric, a platform that enables developers to create dApps using composable JavaScript smart contracts. Agoric has been integrated into DEFIYIELD — users can now manage their BLD positions and track the highest APYs on the platform.DEFIYIELD has also integrated Stargaze, the first-ever community-owned NFT blockchain. Users can now mint or trade NFTs using Stargaze and its zero-fees launchpad and track their STARS portfolio and balances more easily.The integration of THORChain this month is also noteworthy as it serves as a Cosmos-based cross-chain DEX. With this integration, users can browse THORChain’s APYs and manage their positions with the DEFIYIELD dashboard.Lastly, Kujira, a layer-1 blockchain developed to serve as a foundation for community-selected projects, is now integrated into the DEFIYIELD dashboard. Kujira is one of the few Cosmos blockchains to launch its stablecoin, $USK.DEFIYIELD MEDIA MENTIONSBinance Feed and Cointelegraph published a Report on 2022 Crypto Hacks and Scams!CoinGecko has published an Exclusive Report about the Most Damaging Methods of Crypto Hacks and Exploits in 2022 (based on the DEFIYIELD REKT Database)AMB Crypto published a Unique Report about Crypto Exploits and Diverse Hacks!NEW INTEGRATION: TRADERJOE (ARBITRUM)We are excited to share that our cross-chain DeFi dashboard has just integrated TraderJoe’s pools on Arbitrum. This integration is a significant milestone for us and promises a more seamless user experience for TraderJoe’s users, allowing them to quickly explore yields on TraderJoe and manage their $JOE balances, all in one place.NEW PARTNERSHIP: EVMOSWe are thrilled to share that we have recently entered into an extensive partnership with Evmos, the first EVM chain built on Cosmos. This partnership marks a significant milestone for us and an opportunity to provide our users with more data and analysis regarding Evmos staking and APYs.Through our partnership with Evmos, DEFIYIELD users will now be able to track historical data on Evmos staking, including APY, TVL, Validators, and more. Additionally, users will be able to track and analyze $EVMOS APYs among other Cosmos Chains’ APYs, making it easier for our users to make informed decisions.For those who already have stakes in $EVMOS and are enjoying those juicy APYs, our integration will now make it easier for you to manage Evmos positions, balances, and vaults on the DEFIYIELD dashboard. Our user-friendly interface means that you can confidently track your Evmos assets and enjoy a seamless staking experience.ULTIMATE GUIDE TO EVMOSWe also just Published the Largest Guide ever written on any ⚛️ Cosmos chain.• Tricks of Farming on Evmos• Which dApp to choose• Staking InsightsWe present to you:⚡️ ULTIMATE GUIDE TO YIELD FARMING ON EVMOS!PRODUCT UPDATE: EXPLORE 2.0We are excited to announce that our Explore Opportunity APY Aggregator has undergone major improvements, making it easier than ever to track protocols on over 45 blockchains. With this update, we have added the ability to track over 7,500 Vaults and LPs, providing comprehensive data on the highest yielding opportunities. Additionally, we have included historical data for both APR and TVL, making it easier for users to make informed decisions based on past performance. We are proud to continue providing our users with the most accurate and up-to-date information on DeFi protocols across a wide range of blockchains.SECURITY COACHING SESSION!⚡️ At DEFIYIELD, our mission has always been to protect our users from DeFi Risks! 💙So we invited Leading Security Experts to share their TRICKS on staying Safe in DeFi! And hosted a 2-Hours Coaching Session about staying Safe in DeFi!Listen to the Recording!Fresh New Videos on our YouTube channel!Our YouTube channel is a great resource for DeFi enthusiasts, as it features daily content on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world.This week, we covered a range of Airdrops that could earn you thousands, and have even begun to feature content on how the new AI hype is impacting the overall Crypto space. We are proud to be one of the few crypto YouTube channels that is still growing despite the bear market — earlier this month, we reached 17.5k subscribers!Right now we are GIVING AWAY free copies of Security Bibles — the most comprehensive DeFi Security Guide brought to you by the DeFiYield team!Grab your copy at:

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