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Profits are thin pickings during a bear market.Neither HODLing nor yield farming has generated good returns for the average DeFi investor in recent months. Thus, much attention has shifted to the new narrative surrounding airdrops, as a way to profit even in a downwards and sideways market.The launch of much-hyped Layer 1 blockchains, along with new ZK-Rollup scaling solutions for Ethereum has raised much speculation on projects that are likely to launch new tokens — and with these tokens, come the potential for new airdrops.Some of these airdrops have become a profitable reality.If you’d spent 5 minutes on minting Aptos’ “Early Adopter” NFT — you would have received the $15,000 Airdrop if you had sold at the peak.That was 5 minutes of work for $15,000.Have you caught the FOMO after missing it?Good. Maintain it.You will be needing it to receive the Cumulative $15,000+ in upcoming Airdrops.We present to you The Most Comprehensive Guide on How to NEVER Miss out from ANY Airdrop + STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to Receiving $15,000+ Airdrops on 9 Blockchains.What you’re going to learn on this Article:What Airdrops (Retrodrops) are, and why it’s the ebay way to make money in the Bear Market.9 Airdrops worth of $15,000+ and Step-by-Step Guide to Receiving them.i. L-1s Airdropsii. L-0s Airdropsiii. L-2s Airdrops3. Top 5 Rules of Never Missing out from any Airdrop.Why Retrodrops?The Aptos case, was, what’s called a “Retrodrop” — a tokens Airdrop, with which project rewards its early adopters for either testing it (testnets), validating it (nodes running), providing value to the community (moderating / answering questions in chats, making sticker packs, and so on.)“Retrodtops Hunting” is one the best ways to earn money in DeFi during the Bear Market. For several reasons:Doesn’t require a big depositNot very time consumingRisk / Reward ratio is the highestLayer-1 Blockchains Airdrops:1. QUAI NETWORKQuai is a new EVM-compatible blockchain that combines the security of Proof-of-Work, with the scalability of sharding. It does so through the use of Merged Mining, allowing miners to validate a large number of chains using the same mining hardware and bandwidth.To participate in the network, you can either become a miner by running a full node, or a user of Dapps on the chain. Let’s have a look at the tasks that you can complete to maximise your chances of getting a potential airdrop!Checklist of tasks ✔️:• Access the dashboard: (currently under Maintenance)• Access the DS and be active:• Run a node: dedicated 0.5% of the token supply for “Testnet Incentives”.Therefore, we strongly suggest you to set up a Quai Node.Whatch our video on how to participate in the QUAI AIRDROP! 👇2. SUISui is a permissionless, PoS-powered Layer 1 blockchain that has been designed in an attempt to provide instant settlement and high throughput as well as empower a multitude of next-gen latency-sensitive decentralized applications.Even though Sui’s Core Team didn’t confirm any plans for the airdrop yet — they did not deny the future airdrop possibility either.An L-1 developed by Mystery Labs; Currently in the Testnet phase.Backed by: a16z, Binance, FTX, and other $500m AUM+ VCs.Therefore, an Airdrop is very likely.Checklist of tasks ✔️:• Become a validator/node operator. Incentivized with 2000 $SUI (closed atm)• Interact with Sui’s testnet in the following ways:i. Choose any of these wallets:@suiet_wallet@EthosWalletXYZ@WaveWalletAppii. Get faucet tokens: visit > hit ‘SUI Faucet’ii(b). Hit the ‘airdrop’ button inside the wallet interfaceii(c). Paste !faucet + your address on discordiii. Interact with Sui’s protocols:- NFT collections: @SuiBirds, @theSuiPunks, @TheSuiDoge- List/Buy NFT on: @BlueMoveNFT- Mint a Domain on: @SuiNames- Make Swaps on DEX: @joinMovEXWhatch our video on how to get SUI AIRDROP! 👇3. BERACHAINBerachain is a high-performance EVM-compatible blockchain built on Proof-of-Liquidity consensus. The current implementation of Berachain is based on the Cosmos-SDK and utilizes Tendermint, a native consensus mechanism.Together, these enable Berachain to promise fast transaction speeds and low transaction costsThe Berachain team has hinted at a potential airdrop. Here are some steps that you may consider taking to maximise your chances of success!Checklist of tasks ✔️:• Join the Discord Server and be active there, provide assistance to other people:• Provide a creative value for the community: draw thematic pictures, make custom clothes, memes etc.4. CELESTIACelestia is a stripped-down layer 1 blockchain that focuses solely on ordering transactions and making the data for transactions available. The blockchain does not handle smart contracts or perform computations.An airdrop is very likely, given they have closed a private sale round of $55m, and have yet to float their native token on the open market.Here are some actions that you can take to be in the best position for an airdrop:Checklist of tasks ✔️:• Run a Mamaki Testnet Node. There are 5 Node Options, depending on your hardware and preferences:i. Consensus: Validator Node: Consensus: Full Node:…iii. Data Availability: Bridge Node:…iv. Data Availability: Full Storage Node:…v. Data Availability: Light Node:…The more Nodes you run — the better.Layer-0 Blockchains Airdrops:5. LAYER ZEROLayer Zero is an omnichain interoperability protocol.LayerZero enables the realization of cross-chain applications with a low level communication primitive. It is the technology that underpins well-known DeFi protocols such as the StarGate bridge, as well as the newly launched Aptos Bridge.LayerZero has huge backers, raising a massive $135M in funding from the likes of FTX, Coinbase, PayPal, a16z, Sequoia Capital, and others.The high valuation of LayerZero makes the Airdrop probability very likely, and the potential size of the airdrop relatively high.Checklist of tasks ✔️:• Vote on Stargate Finance:i. Buy $STG on an exchangeii. Go to Stake your tokens for voting poweriv. Regularly vote on proposals:• Interact (Deposit into LPs, Trade on DEX, etc) with dApps on Layer Zero: @rage_trade, @AngleProtocol, @MugenFinance, @RDNTCapital• Use the Aptos Bridge (powered by Layer Zero): http://theaptosbridge.comLayer-2 Blockchains Airdrops:6. ARBITRUMThe Arbitrum network is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, developed by the New York-based company Offchain Labs.It seeks to solve the congestion that the Ethereum network has been experiencing by improving how smart contracts are validated.The Arbitrum team has hinted on the Airdrop possibility multiple times. This is made more credible by the fact that Arbitrum has yet to release a native token.Arbitrum is the Brother of Optimism. $OP retrodroppers have received 6-digit amounts.Don’t skip the opportunity of Arbitrum Airdrop.Checklist of tasks ✔️:• Bridge to/from Arbitrum:• Interact with Arbitrum dApps: @GMX_IO, @Treasure_DAO, @dopex_io, @RDNTCapital, @UmamiFinance• Earn Arbitrum DS Badges:• Buy Arbitrum NFT: http://opensea.ioWhatch our video on how to get ARBITRUM AIRDROP! 👇7. ZK SYNCzkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution that offers cheaper and faster transactions than the main Ethereum blockchain (Layer 1).zkSync is the biggest ZK L2 Rollup.The zkSync documentation has confirmed that there will be a native token for the network, making an airdrop very likely.The zkSync mainnet is scheduled to launch on 28 Oct 2022 — alongside an announcement on any native token launch.No context is needed — it is the Biggest ZK-Rollup L2.Here’s a list of things you can do to make sure you do not miss out:Checklist of tasks ✔️:• Connect your current Ethereum wallet to zkSync Mainnet:i. Go to > “Wallet Connect”• Claim funds from testnet faucet:• Bridge to zkSync:• Swap on SyncSwap on zkSync testnet:• Make trades on ZigZag (the bigger volume — the better):• Interact with @Orbiter_Finance:i. Connect your Ethereum, zkSync, Polygon or Arbitrum wallet.ii. Select your destination chain and the asset you want to send and complete the transaction.• Use @argentHQ Wallet:i. Download Argent wallet for Android/IOS:…ii. Try to make swaps on the app.iii. Try to buy crypto with bank transfer or debit card.• Donate to Gitcoin Grants using zkSync:i. Visit > Connect your ETH wallet to zkSyncii. Proceed to Donate to any Grantiii. Confirm transaction on your http://wallet.zksync.ioWhatch our video on how to get zkSinc AIRDROP! 👇8. STARK NETStarkNet is a permissionless decentralized ZK-Rollup solution for Ethereum. It operates as an L2 network over Ethereum, enabling any dApp to achieve unlimited scale for its computation — without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security.An Airdrop is very likely.NOTE: Here, multiple projects mentioned below can have separate airdrops each!Checklist of tasks ✔️:• Make swaps and provide liquidity on: @10KSwap• Mint $ASTR token on: @AstralyXYZ• Stake $ASTR on: @alpharoad_fi• Make swaps on: @myBraavos• Use the DEX (the bigger volume — the better) of: @BrineFinance• Participate in the governance with $DLV on: @dolvenlabs• Make swaps on: @FibrousFinance• Use the DEX of: @MESprotocol (Currently under maintenance)• Make swaps/provide liquidity on: @mySwapxyz9. OPTIMISMOptimism is a fast, stable, and scalable L2 blockchain built by Ethereum developers, for Ethereum developers, utilizing Optimistic Rollups.Earlier in the year, an Airdrop was conducted.However, this only accounted for a small part of the total supply allocated to airdrops. Therefore, a future Airdrop is 100% guaranteed.According to Optimism documentation, @optimismFND has allocated 19% of $OP token supply for Airdrops.So far, they’ve Airdropped only 5%. So, a remaining 14% of total $OP token supply might be airdropped in the future.Checklist of tasks ✔️:• Delegate $OP tokens to anyone on:• Interact with projects that have received Grants from the Optimism Foundation:i. @Rocket_Pool — Provide liquidity into its LPs.ii. @HopProtocol — Use it to bridge assets to Optimism.iii. @QiDaoProtocol — Interact with it.iv. @boardroom_info — Delegate $OP using their platform.v. @biconomy — Use their bridge.Whatch our video on how to get Optimism AIRDROP! 👇As always, stay safe and DYOR!For more DeFiYield updates you can visit us at:🌐 Website | 📱 Telegram | 🐦TwitterCheck our DeFiYield Blog !

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