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Key Speakers Shaping the Financial Realm Participants can eagerly anticipate an entire day of critical discussions surrounding the latest industry trends and advancements, alongside insightful and engaging debates regarding the future of digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies — impacting the entire financial landscape.  Hosting these panels include notable experts in the finance sector like a16z Crypto’s Brian Quintenz, New York State Department of Financial Services’ Adrienne A. Harris, Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Kristin Johnson, the European Commission’s Peter Kerstens and the MP and Chair of UK Parliament’s Crypto Group, Lisa Cameron, among numerous others. As you can see, the speaker lineup others a plethora of knowledge in both the centralized and decentralized finance sector. This mixture of unique and diverse perspectives will, without a doubt, enrich fascinating discussions throughout the event that cannot be missed. Engaging Topics and Networking OpportunitiesAs a glimpse of what to expect, the central topics to be explored at the summit encompass “Finding crypto’s role in the global financial system,” “What’s the end game for crypto regulators?” “Digital assets – Exploring the readiness of financial institutions,” “Will crypto assets ever become a mainstream investment?” “Combating financial crime in crypto,” and so on. Additionally, attendees can look forward to complimentary breakfast and lunch served at the venue, alongside networking opportunities with a multifaceted gathering of finance industry insiders. Last but not least, an in-person drinks reception will end the event on a cheerful note. Registration is now available. So, secure your spot by registering and using the code ‘NFTPlazas’ to enjoy a 20% discount. Register your attendance >> HereDigital art fanatic who brings a unique perspective to NFT news.

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All Cryptos Insider © 2024. All rights reserved.