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Artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, created by OpenAI and released in November 2022, is catching the globe by storm because of its incredible versatility in text generation at the touch of a button.

OpenAI, the renowned company responsible for the groundbreaking language model, recognizes the inherent limitations of their creation. In order to foster a culture of collaboration and encourage users to identify any potential bugs or vulnerabilities, they have established the ChatGPT Bug Bounty Program.

Find Vulnerabilities On ChatGPT, Get Paid $20K

Those who discover bugs in the chatbot will receive a monetary incentive of $20,000.

OpenAI said in quotes by The Independent:

“We are inviting the global community of security researchers, ethical hackers, and technology enthusiasts to help us identify and address vulnerabilities in our systems.” 

OpenAI explained that it was rolling out the ChatGPT bounty hunt because it considers “transparency and collaboration” to be vital in dealing with the “vulnerabilities and flaws” that inevitably arise with any complicated technology.

OpenAI, headquartered in San Francisco, said in a blog post on Tuesday that it will pay up to $6,500 for each defect discovered through its bug bounty program, which it is launching with Bugcrowd Inc.

ChatGPT Challenge: Level Of Difficulties And Bounty

For “exceptional discoveries,” OpenAI says it will pay $20,000, while “low-severity findings” will earn $200.

“We invite you to report vulnerabilities, bugs, or security flaws you discover in our systems. By sharing your findings, you will play a crucial role in making our technology safer for everyone,” OpenAI said.

OpenAI’s Bugcrowd page claims that new submissions are either rejected or approved within two hours.

A list of prohibited issues, such as “Getting the model to say bad things to you” or “Getting the model to write malicious code for you,” is provided on the Bugcrowd page.

OpenAI stated in a blog post that while precautions are taken, it is impossible for the company’s software engineers to foresee every possible scenario in which the chatbot could be used inappropriately in the “real world.”

As of this writing, 11 bugs have been detected and awarded through the OpenAI Bug Bounty Program. In addition, for the past three months, its payment averaged $1,860.

Users who uncover vulnerabilities were urged by OpenAI to “promptly” and without conditions disclose them. OpenAI forbids all forms of “eliciting a response under duress,” including extortion and threats, in its standards of conduct.

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Worries Surrounding ChatGPT

Experts have voiced concern that AI may one day replace human workers and aid students in cheating on tests, as well as increasing the likelihood of individuals falling for fake news.

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, are just two of the tech industry leaders who have spoken out against the proliferation of AI and urged developers to halt their efforts until the hazards involved can be fully evaluated.

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