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What is RACE Protocol?RACE Protocol is an infrastructure that seeks to address challenges within web3 gaming and offers features like multi-chain support, transparency, and security mechanisms such as P2P randomization and encrypted communication. Additionally, the platform adopts a community-driven governance model.The platform offers resources for developers including SDKs, open-source materials, community grants, hackathons, and revenue-sharing programs. Further plans involve the introduction of a no-code blockchain app/game editor plugin to expand accessibility for creators.RACE Protocol envisions a future where web3 gaming achieves wider adoption, offering players asset ownership, cross-platform interoperability, and economic opportunities.What perks will I receive for holding RACE Heroes NFT?RACE Hero NFT holders stand to benefit from a revenue-sharing arrangement, receiving rewards from fees generated by initiatives such as Solfast, RACE Poker, and the protocol itself.Holders will also gain access to exclusive features within RACE-developed games and receive incentives from both independent developers and the protocol.Over the next few months, the platform aims to achieve several milestones including the launch of the RACE Heroes NFT collection, attracting diverse game developers, expanding multi-chain support and establishing community governance mechanisms, to help nurture its gaming ecosystem.

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All Cryptos Insider © 2024. All rights reserved.