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As we come to the end of November and prepare for the holiday season, De.Fi has continued to deliver innovative and user-centric solutions. This November, we are proud to introduce a series of updates that reinforce our platform’s position as the premier DeFi SuperApp. These updates are designed to enhance user engagement, provide valuable insights, and ensure the highest standards of safety for our community. Let’s explore the advancements that have shaped De.Fi this month and how they contribute to a more connected and secure DeFi ecosystem.

New De.Fi Badges are here!

As we edge closer to the year-end, we are excited to unveil the latest feature on De.Fi – DeFi Badges. This move signifies our commitment to not just leading but also shaping the landscape of decentralized finance, and how users in the DeFi space interact.

DeFi Badges are more than just checkboxes in a quest; they represent a user’s journey, achievements, and standing within the newly-launched SocialFi ecosystem. With the integration of these badges, we are creating a closer community among users, enabling a more immersive experience for investors. Each badge is a milestone, and a show of one’s presence within the DeFi community.

To embark on this series of virtual missions, users are prompted to first create a DeFi SocialFi Profile at This profile serves as a key to the ecosystem where your on-chain activities and engagements are not only tracked but rewarded. By verifying yourself, connecting a wallet, and claiming daily XP, as well as participating in other tasks like supporting De.Fi 2.0, you can level up in the gamified finance journey.

Explore new badges:

New X handle: officially @DeFi!

In the current crypto environment where impersonation and scams are rampant, we’ve taken a proactive stance to safeguard our community. We are glad to announce that we have now updated our X or Twitter handle to @DeFi. 

Our new handle, @DeFi, is part of a broader initiative to ensure that our users can interact with us securely and confidently, and quickly identify potential impersonator accounts. 

We urge our community to be vigilant and always verify the sources of communication to prevent falling prey to fraudulent schemes.

Exclusive interviews with Binance, Optimism, Coinmarketcap & More

Our commitment to community engagement has always been a cornerstone of our work at De.Fi. This month, we are thrilled to present exclusive interviews with founders and key players from the largest Web3 protocols on our YouTube channel. These dialogues, hosted by our co-founder Michael Rosmer and Head of Relations Sonali Giovino, offer invaluable insights into the inner workings of Web3 giants like Binance, Optimism, and CoinMarketCap.

Make sure to stay tuned to our YouTube and X channels, so that you do not miss out on the latest developments!

Twitter Spaces with OKX

Even amidst all these developments, it is important not to forget that De.Fi is not an entity in a vacuum, but a member of the wider Web3 community that thrives on collaborations and partnerships. 

This month, we’ve fostered key alliances that bolster the very foundation of our ecosystem. On the 16th of November, we collaborated with OKX Ventures in a Twitter Space to delve deep into the functionalities and future of the De.Fi 2.0 Ecosystem and how our native $DEFI token empowers it. 

Our engagements with leaders in the industry are more than just interactions; they are the building blocks of a more robust, interconnected, and seamless DeFi landscape.

Listen to recording:

Closing Thoughts

As we reflect on the developments of late November, it is clear that De.Fi continues to push the envelope in the DeFi space. From the integration of SocialFi elements that foster a robust community to the strategic collaborations that solidify our platform’s infrastructure, we are setting the pace for a future where decentralized finance is not only accessible but also engaging and secure.

Make sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates just round the corner, by following us on our socials!

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