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LayerZero Labs has announced a new partnership with Google Cloud; the big tech giant will deploy an oracle on the multi-chain network. The company celebrated the partnership via an official post on social media platform X as a result of a “year-long effort.”

Google Cloud Embraces LayerZero, What Are The Implications?

According to the official announcement, the new application was rolled out today, September 12th. All LayerZero users can leverage the oracle embodied by Google Cloud’s security; the tech giant will validate messages coming on the network.

The new application will become the new default by September 19th. The company behind the multi-chain protocol claims that the oracle is meant to operate as the Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS), the standard for security on the internet.

The announcement stated the following regarding the partnership and the oracle:

The Google Cloud oracle is meant to serve as the https of cross-chain messaging. Just like they verify all https certificates to attest to the validity of the website, The Google Cloud oracle is now additionally verifying all LayerZero messages by default.

The new application will also be compatible with other scalability solutions, such as the PolyhedraZK. In addition, users will have the capacity to customize their “security stack that best suits your application’s needs,” the company revealed while adding:

We’re incredibly excited to be building alongside Google Cloud and to play a role in building a more secure messaging layer for the entire industry.

In the last 24 hours, LayerZero Labs has announced partnerships with several organizations native and outside the crypto space. These include a collaboration with the gaming ecosystem Tevaera, to enable the transfer of Omnichain Non-Fungible Tokens (ONFTs) and Preon Finance, a platform that allows users to move crypto collateral on the network.

James Tromans, head of Web3 at Google Cloud, told Fortune Magazine the following regarding their new partnership:

Teaming up with LayerZero as an oracle across 15 chains will not only enhance the security of LayerZero’s cross-chain messaging capabilities but further accelerate its commitment to Web3 interoperability and enterprise adoption.

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