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How do I get involved?The sale starts on April 14 until April 17 at 1:59 PM UTC, with each card priced at $30 MATIC.Participants could grab from four levels of cards, each offering different benefits and limited availability:Common: 140 cardsRare: 100 cardsEpic: 50 cardsLegendary: 10 cardsDigital cards will be distributed directly to wallets after the sale and became tradable shortly after on Opensea with the card and card rarity reveal occurring on April 17 at 3 PM UTC.What is Elder’s Grace: Rise of the Mobley?Developed by Meta Monkey, Elder’s Grace: Rise of the Mobley is a web3 NFT game offering a mixed-genre A-RPG experience set in the world of Elridia where players defend strongholds, engage in strategic dungeon-building, and embark on adventures filled with exploration and challenges.The game revolves around the Mobleys, a race focused on constructing strongholds and conducting raids, and players assemble teams of Mobleys to explore strongholds, battle foes, and uncover treasures.Elder’s Grace combines action-packed battles with strategic stronghold construction, allowing players to craft their own defenses before raiding enemy strongholds for rewards.Interested players can add Elder’s Grace to their wishlists on platforms such as Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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