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This early October, we are excited to share an insider’s look into the progress we’ve achieved, the challenges we’ve faced, and what the future holds for all stakeholders involved. In this development update, we will delve into various enhancements and initiatives that have shaped our platform’s journey – including one exciting update that has been a long time in the making. From technical upgrades to community-building efforts, and from security improvements to new product launches, we have started this final quarter of this year on a fruitful note. Let’s dive in!

Introducing De.Fi 2.0

October 2023 marks a significant shift in De.Fi’s trajectory with the introduction of De.Fi 2.0. This enhanced platform signifies more than just iterative improvements; it represents a comprehensive overhaul and expansion of the services De.Fi offers.

The De.Fi 2.0 platform builds upon the existing portfolio of services offered by the De.Fi SuperApp, with the following in roadmap:

1. DeFi Connect: This evolved version of the platform’s social profile, which has already attracted over a million users, is slated to launch as a part of De.Fi 2.0. It serves as a connective tissue for community interaction, professional networking, and real-time updates within the DeFi space.

2. DeFi L2 Chain: Acknowledging the common hurdles of scalability and network congestion, De.Fi is launching its own Layer 2 solution. This proprietary blockchain aims to enhance transaction speeds, reduce costs, and provide a seamless user experience.

3. DeFi GPT: This system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver insights, forecasts, and analytical data, empowering users to make informed financial decisions.

Centre to the functionality of this expanded ecosystem is the $DEFI token. The token’s utility lies in users indexing and validate transactions on the L2 chain on a decentralized basis, stake holdings to receive dividends from platform fees, and gain access to premium tools and services. Indeed, holding $DEFI translates to holding a stake in the platform’s present and future.

Introducing the CoinMarketcap of Security!

We at De.Fi are pleased to offer what can best be described as the Coinmarketcap of Security. This feature is set to significantly enhance investors’ ability to visually identify high-risk and potentially fraudulent tokens, thereby significantly influencing decision-making processes in the cryptocurrency markets – just like how Coinmarketcap has been used as a data source for token prices, which in turn influence investor choices.

Users of the new Coinmarketcap of Security will enjoy key risk assessments instead of conventional market indicators like price, and be able to compare their chosen tokens at a glance. With just a few clicks, the platform presents the user with several things, including:

Risk Score: An overall, quantifiable measure of a token’s security, determined through rigorous analysis including not just issues in code.

Liquidity and Holders Distribution: Insight into the token’s liquidity and the distribution percentages among holders, which can indicate a token’s market stability, and more importantly, the ability for investors to get out of an investment.

Governance: An overview of the token’s associated protocol and decision-making processes.

Smart Contract Security: Of course, the importance of code security cannot be downplayed. Detailed security assessments of the underlying smart contracts, essential for understanding the token’s structural integrity, are included.

Deployers’ Connection to Mixers: Investigative insights into whether token deployers have connections to cryptocurrency mixers are flagged, potentially highlighting privacy concerns or malicious intentions.

We are Hiring!

Even as the market and public interest around Web3 is down, we continue our journey into De.Fi 2.0. Our team is currently opening the doors to fill 10 Developer positions, each representing a unique opportunity to drive innovation in decentralized finance. These roles are made for individuals who are not only well-versed in the technical nuances of blockchain technology but also share an intrinsic passion for building the digital infrastructures of tomorrow.

Interested? Simply apply at Know someone who may be interested? Refer them to us and you could stand a chance of getting a referral bonus!

We Hosted the Inaugural Web3 Security Conference!

The Web3 Security Conference 2023, held early in October and hosted by De.Fi, has concluded. This marked a successful end to a week of discussion and shared insights, surrounding the important topic of safety of assets in Web3. We would like to take a moment to extend our appreciation to everyone who contributed their time and expertise to this event:

First and foremost, our speakers brought a depth of knowledge to the discussions, engaging the audience and offering practical takeaways – we take this opportunity to thank them for their invaluable input.

We would also like to recognize our attendees, who came from various locations around the world to be part of the dialogue, creating the ideal environment for the exchange of ideas.

Following the success of the Web3 Security Conference in its inaugural guise, we look forward to organizing more meaningful events in the future.

Closing Thoughts

As we conclude this update, it’s clear that we have had a productive start to the final stretch of this year. With the launch of new products, engagement with the community and expansion of the team, it is safe to say that more exciting updates are to come in the near future. Make sure to stay tuned to our social media channels to receive the latest updates!

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