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Hi Farmers!This month has certainly been an exciting one for crypto, thanks to the Ethereum Merge and its many promises. Still, we have made quite a lot of progress ourselves too, which is something we will always aspire towards.Let us get straight into everything that has happened in the latter half of September at DeFiYield.The time is finally here!After months spent in development and building, we are excited to announce that we now officially support all of the largest Cosmos blockchains out there! including the likes of Juno, Kujira, Osmosis, Kava, and many more.Cosmoverse, taking place this month from 26–28 September in Medellin, Colombia, is a huge event aiming to raise more awareness among the South American crypto community about the Cosmos ecosystem and some of the recent progress it has made.At this event, even big names like Sunny Aggarwal (co-founder of Osmosis) and Ethan Buchman (co-founder of Cosmos) have shown up.Exciting announcements were made at the event on Atom 2.0 and future developments, and you can be sure that we will be providing the full coverage!What’s more, we at DeFiYield managed to grab a spot for ourselves there as a Pre-Event Host…Speaking of events, there was another big blockchain event that we attended this month, the Binance Blockchain Week, which took place in Paris from 14–16 September.Here, we had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of Binance himself, Changpeng Zhao.DeFi Yield is now on Zendesk, the popular customer service platform that various businesses utilize. This is just another means for us to provide better support for our community.Everything you want to know about any of the common problems users face, or even if you are looking for a place to submit requests, can be found here at ultimate yield farming guide for Kava & Milkomeda can already be found on our website, with many more on the way.Read The Ultimate Yield Farming Guide For Milkomeda 👇 The Ultimate Yield Farming Guide For Milkomeda 👇, look forward to it as we will move to cover a range of major projects within the Cosmos ecosystem.Take any month nowadays, and you will see us being mentioned in a variety of publications or news outlets. This month was no different. For instance, we saw our REKT database being mentioned in Investor’s Business Daily.Speaking of coverage, Michael Rosmer, Co-founder at DeFiYield, was interviewed on Cheddar News about the significance of the Ethereum Merge!What’s more, we were invited to join a stream dubbed The Panda Reveal Party that was hosted by CryptoSlate, where one of the biggest events in crypto history was celebrated: the Ethereum Merge. You can read more about them here:➡️ down-on-crypto-scams-senators-say/➡️➡️’s always fresh content to be had on our very own YouTube channel as we cover a plethora of topics, ranging from some of the best projects for staking or yield farming to the latest crypto-related news.If you just can’t wait to hear more about the amazing updates DEFIYIELD is constantly coming out with, you need to make sure you’re first in line to find out!For more DeFiYield updates, visit us at: 🌐 Website | 📱 Telegram | 🐦TwitterAnd also check out our guides here: luck in farming!

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