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Table of Contents:TL;DR: Key PointsIntroduction to Web3’s First Defense SuiteHow to Use De.Fi’s Web3 Defense Suite?About De.Fi’s Web3 Defense SuiteFree Security Bible by De.Fi🚨 De.Fi is the Inventor of Web3’s First Defense Suite: the “Scanner” — a multi-layer proactive security solution that prevents users from interacting with malicious assets! 🚨• De.Fi’s Web3 Defense Suite is the Ecosystem of the Leading Security Tools: Scanner and Shield;• It’s already used by the Universities of Montreal, Singapore, and London;• After 2 Years of Development, we are Finally Launching it on Fantom!After 2 years of work, we are Officially Launching a Scanner on the Fantom Blockchain.De.Fi, a leading web3 super app for asset management built by security auditors experts, has integrated an innovative cybersecurity suite of products with Fantom, the fastest growing blockchain platform for DeFi, crypto dApps, and enterprise applications. De.Fi’s Web3 Defense Suite is the result of two years of development, recording and analyzing over 12 million issues from 1.15 million contracts, making it the most advanced and comprehensive security tool for anyone transacting in Web3.Using De.Fi’s Web3 Defense Suite, Fantom Blockchain joined Coingecko, the University of London, the University of Montreal, and the National University of Singapore in employing our security solutions, making DeFi Environment far more secure DeFi environment!Every user may now input a smart contract of any Fantom-built token, NFT, LP, or vault. We will provide you a thorough analysis of the contract’s safety, high-risk features, liquidity, and token distribution in only a few seconds. 👇 try out the scanner, simply input the contract address of any token or contract you interact with into the search field and allow a few minutes for the scanning process to finish. completion of the scan, the findings will be displayed in an easily digestible, accessible format, emphasizing any potential issues and risks linked to the smart contract. you are a developer and want to browse the exact smart contract part which causes a certain vulnerability, you can extend the issue warning window and browse its coded part: the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance, users have a greater responsibility to self-custody their assets and protect themselves from scams such as rug pulls, phishing attacks, and contract exploits. This year alone, over $420 million has been lost to such scams, according to De.Fi’s Rekt Database. The suite of products developed by De.Fi addresses these challenges, enabling users to avoid more than 95% of common vulnerabilities and ensuring that they transact with confidence.De.Fi’s Web3 Defense Suite includes De.Fi Scanner, a one-click smart contract auditor that assigns a security score to contracts, and De.Fi Shield, a product that provides users with a personal risk rating by analyzing their wallet and the smart contracts they interact with, allowing them to revoke risky approvals. With these tools, users can easily assess the safety of contracts and transact safely and securely.“As blockchain technology gains adoption and proliferates, so do threats to its security. Fantom is pleased to welcome De.Fi’s Web3 Defense Suite to its ecosystem, which will further complement Fantom’s best-in-class smart contract security offerings.” — Michael Kong, CEO at Fantom Foundation“Fantom is at the forefront of providing secure and reliable Defi solutions with groundbreaking cybersecurity tools,” added Artem Bondarenko, Software Architect at De.Fi. “By equipping investors with peace of mind, we are building trust and attracting more users to the decentralized finance ecosystem. With the launch of our Web3 Defense Suite of products, we’re excited to collaborate with Fantom to empower users with the most advanced and comprehensive security tools available in the market today.”Right now we are GIVING AWAY free copies of Security Bibles — the most comprehensive DeFi Security Guide brought to you by the De.Fi Team!

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