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The Japanese-based multinational tech company Fujitsu has announced the launch of a new platform designed to support Web3 developers worldwide. According to a report by the Fintech Times, Fujitsu’s Web3 Acceleration Platform seeks to provide a development environment, blockchain-based service APIs, high-computing technologies, simulations, AI, combinatorial optimization, for start-ups, partner companies, and universities building Web3 applications and services.  The company said on Feb. 8 that its platform aims to support the creation of a diverse ecosystem of Web3 applications across a range of use cases, such as digital content rights management, business transactions, contracts, and processes. It will also offer free access to select participants in its global partner program, the Fujitsu Accelerator Program for CaaS. From March, program partners can access the platform in Japan, with the company planning to expand its availability globally later in the year.Fujitsu outlined three key themes for its Web3 platform, including “the realization of a co-creation society through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), rights management and utilization of digital content, and the realization of digital trust.” To support the development of its new platform, Fujitsu plans to hold a global planning and development contest, aimed at building and implementing DAO communities and creating new Web3 services.Related: Cronos Labs to accept second cohort for $100M-backed Web3 accelerator programWeb3-based accelerator programs have grown over the past year. As previously reported by Cointelegraph, Web3 accelerator Beacon recently completed its first cohort with 13 companies graduating and showcasing their blockchain-based startups. The cohort, named “Cohort 0,” began in October with 15 companies across the DeFi, gaming, and infrastructure subsectors of cryptocurrency. On Jan 31, Cointelegraph also reported that blockchain startup accelerator Cronos Labs had announced the opening of applications for its second cohort of the $100 million-backed Cronos Accelerator Program.Cointelegraph reached out to Fujitsu for a comment but had not received a response at time of publication.

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