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Open and Limited Edition Jackson TracksAvailable through the Base network, anyone can tune into the open edition Jackson 5 track and its additional exciting editions, including images of the master tape and the additional songs “My Girl” and “Michael the Lover”, with stems, for just $25.However, when forking out $100, buyers will receive a limited edition copy of “Big Boy”, as well as everything included in the open edition and additional songs from “Steeltown Sessions”: “You’ve Changed”, “We Don’t Have to Be Over 21 (To Fall in Love)”, “Tracks of My Tears”, “Saturday Night at the Movies”, “Lonely Heart”, “Stormy Monday”, “Under the Boardwalk” and a “Steeltown version” of Big Boy. Although slightly different from one another, not only do both of these approaches to music distribution preserve the legendary band’s legacy, but they also change how we enjoy and own music in this ever-expanding digital age with extra perks — all of which are made possible through the power of blockchain technology. Music Ownership Innovationsanotherblock’s unmissable MJ release came into existence following a noteworthy union with the owner of the recording, Recordpool. On a mission to redefine the music experience for both fans and artists, this record label utilizes the vast potential of Web3 to enhance, preserve, and share the tracks of famous artists globally. And boy, is this Jackson release a fine example. Additionally, anotherblock brought this debut to life through “Digital Vinyls”. Intriguingly, this concept echoes back to the physical music age, like vinyl, CDs, and cassette tapes. However, by leveraging the blockchain technology behind non-fungible collectibles, the music company ensures its songs are only accessible to verified owners.For clarification, all of anotherblock’s music files, including tracks from The Weeknd, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber, are encrypted, and ownership is secured on the blockchain via a unique wallet signature that acts as a decryption key. Not only does this ensure that access is exclusively reserved for the legitimate owner of the music, but the integrity of the tracks is well and truly safeguarded. So, secure a piece of music history today with anotherblock’s limited edition first studio Michael Jackson blockchain release, blending both nostalgic charm and innovative technology to redefine music. 

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All Cryptos Insider © 2024. All rights reserved.