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Hi Farmers!This month has proven to be quite eventful for the cryptocurrency landscape, particularly when Ethereum is concerned, as ETH has become deflationary for the first time ever since its shift to proof-of-stake (PoS).Nonetheless, here at DEFIYIELD, just like any other month, we have made some important advancements in this month’s first half as well, which we will get straight into.We have finally hit that new milestone!With DEFIYIELD, users can now have access to over 300 different yield farming protocols! Explore the best investment opportunities in DeFi and get ready to dive into an entire menu of possibilities across all the top blockchains.This month, we have focused on adding support to the non-EVM space, integrating major ecosystems in the Cosmos space. Some examples include Kujira, Juno, Sifchain, Akash and Stargaze, along with their respective staking protocols. Track your assets across these Cosmos-based chains on DeFiYield today!In early October, we integrated Binance into our asset management dashboard!To see your positions on Binance in DEFIYIELD, simply request an API Key from Binance, and then copy and paste them into DEFIYIELD when prompted.This is our first centralised exchange integration on our dashboard, becoming the first dashboard to let you track your assets across both CeFi and DeFi.We had over 14,000 people tune in to our recent Twitter space earlier this month. Here, we looked at the global macroeconomic picture and discussed whether we are heading into the worst recession we have ever experienced and who will be severely affected by it first.The discussion tackled this one question by looking at several variables while also including multiple experienced individuals, including Michael Rosmer, Co-Founder of DEFIYIELD, to give their own unique takes on things.We are delighted to inform our users that DEFIYIELD now supports more than 30 blockchain networks, which also includes every major chain within the Cosmos ecosystem, with more coming soon!The DeFiYield team attended Devcon 2022 Bogotá, Colombia! Ready to connect and support all the best projects in DeFi and Web3.At Devcon, we met with numerous teams and discussed potential partnerships, integrations and creative collaborations.We caught up with one of our Blockchain partners Arbitrum Chain. We look forward to bringing you more Arbitrum protocol integrations and great DeFi Yield Farming opportunities. Devcon serves as a global family reunion for those who are already a part of the Ethereum ecosystem.This event is hosted with the intent of educating and empowering the community to create and utilize decentralized systems while also acting as a source of vitality and creativity for everyone.With all that said, here are a few pictures of the DEFIYIELD team attending this event!Another important partner we caught up with in the Ethereum space is Polygon. Here, we’re pictured meeting up with Justin Havins from Polygon! Catch up with Justin on our up coming Twitter Spaces Oct 26th featuring some the Top Blockchains of 2022.A blockchain is nothing without its DApps. Aave is one of the largest lending protocols across many EVM blockchains, and catching up with their team was a must. Here, we meet Stani from Aave at their booth! Thanks for the Bracelet Stani, You rock!We also caught up with Pablo from QiDao, a major multichain stablecoin project! Look out for more from Qidao on a Twitter Spaces coming soon.As you might be aware, DEFIYIELD continues to garner a ton of media attention, with many well-established publications mentioning us each month.This month saw us being mentioned on Cryptoslate, where an article was posted highlighting an 18% decrease in lost DeFi funds during September. You can read the article here: two weeks remaining in the month and losses totaling over $718 million, October has now become the worst month for cryptocurrency-related crimes, according to CoinDesk. Of course, we at DEFIYIELD are constantly working to keep you up to date on all exploits or hacks within the cryptocurrency landscape.Our REKT database has been updated this month to include some new filters. This helps investors carry out more detailed analysis, filtering data by chain, type of protocol and type of issue. To make these easier to understand, we have simplified the filters by classifying most issues under two broad categories of Exit Scams and Exploits.Through our updates, announcements, and the REKT Database, we keep users informed on everything crypto-related, the good and the bad. So, stay tuned when we cover the exploits for this month!​​Third party builders, developers and analysts can also now use our API to access information from DEFIYIELD, including token balances and data from our Rekt and Audit databases.This opens the door to potential new integrations between our suite of DeFi products, and those of potential partners. The launch of our API also allows you to carry out research and develop insights using DEFIYIELD data.With our API, you can:👉 Fetch data from our REKT/Audit Databases👉 Querying wallets’ balances on 35+ Blockchains (including Assets with prices, Profit and Loss, Value of positions, LPs, Vaults, etc.)👉 Querying our Security Architecture (such as our Shield and Scanner features)Here are just some of the queries you can make:Featuring daily content covering recent developments within the cryptocurrency landscape, our YouTube channel is the go-to place for DeFi enthusiasts.So, for those looking to gain insights regarding lucrative investment opportunities and the latest news, it would be a worthwhile endeavor for them to check out our channel, especially if they want to take advantage of any big changes that occur.▶️ How to Profit from APTOS and SUI Blockchains▶️ How to Get APTOS AIRDROP (+$1,000) Soon!▶️ Best Crypto of September (will x10 in October!!)If you just can’t wait to hear more about the amazing updates DEFIYIELD is constantly coming out with, you need to make sure you’re first in line to find out!For more DeFiYield updates, visit us at: 🌐 Website | 📱 Telegram | 🐦TwitterAnd also check out our guides here: luck in farming!

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