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The rebranding paves the way as De.Fi becomes the Number One DeFi Dashboard, the Biggest Web3 SuperApp and Security Provider!Here’s how:Web3 SuperApp — 43 Blockchains, 8 Exchanges, and 370 Protocols Fully Integrated into De.Fi — Making De.Fi Dashboard the BIGGEST Web3 fully loaded experience EVER!Leading DeFi Security Provider — We have pioneered Crypto’s First Antivirus: the “Scanner” and “Shield” — the multi layer security solutions that alerts Crypto Investors from of malicious assets and high risk smart contracts!Best APY Aggregator — We built the BIGGEST Aggregator of the Historical Data of 10k+ LPs and Vaults of 350+ DeFi Protocols! Meet Explore Yield tool — find the best opportunities in Yield Farming, Pools, Dex’s, Liquid Staking, Lending and more!The Biggest Databases of Crypto Hacks and Crypto Audits!And MORE!Holding the most robust selection of EVM ad Non EVM chains (Cardano, Solana and Cosmos), best APY aggregator and state of the art security tools that alert you of code red risk so you can revoke all from one dashboard.The transition to a new domain and name shines a towering light on our unparalleled progress in DeFi development. After 2 Years of Development, DEFIYIELD has become the best and most powerful aggregator of DeFi services. With a full house of the best fully stacked tools and access to the best DeFi opportunities. It makes sense for us to be called the One and Only “De.Fi”.DeFi has a great future ahead of it, and we will be taking a leading role in it.The transition to a new domain and name also aptly reflects our 2023 development plan for the following years. Exciting times ahead!Always keep in mind, we are committed to being here for the long run, with an inspired eye on serving users worldwide for many years to come.Our daily efforts will be focused on contributing non stop to giving users greater access to the best opportunities, ensuring greater security and of course YOUR well-being in DeFi.💰 To celebrate the Re-Branding, De.Fi will be hosting a $25,000 Quest, in which YOU can win up to $25,000 for being active user of our product! We will unfold more details this week 👀The World of De.Fi just got MUCH BETTER! 🔥

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All Cryptos Insider © 2024. All rights reserved.