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During the Summer of 2022, DEFIYIELD — the asset management dashboard with unparalleled safety and security for navigating DeFi — turned 2 years old! 🥳This is an extraordinary milestone for us, having started out as a small group of crypto enthusiasts with an eye on the future.We are so proud of the team of international superstars we have built in this time, which is why we had to celebrate in style, with our ‘2 year’ celebrations taking place in various locations around the world!Our team’s expansion is just one sign of the amazing growth we have experienced but there’s also been so much more! So, let’s look back at the last year and reflect on what has been achieved.As with every business, some things that we planned for last year have happened and others have not.This is totally normal for a growing business, operating in a dynamic market like crypto and reacting to the needs of customers within this ever changing environment. Not only that, when you compare where we were at this time last year to now, it is clear how far we have come!Nowhere is this more obvious than in the platform our users can access now vs what they were using in the Summer of 2021.While we had a loyal customer base who were very satisfied with DEFIYIELD a year ago, now our users have access to some of the most unique integrations and powerful tools in the whole of DeFi.So, let’s look at some of the big changes that have occurred in the last year, which have transformed the customer experience for DEFIYIELD users.Back in July 2021, one of the major changes to the DEFIYIELD platform involved adding a ‘Transactions’ tab that covered transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.It enabled users to view all transactions of this kind that were associated with their wallets, as well as being able to filter down those related to sending, receiving, exchanging, liquidity and approvals, as shown in the image below.The other big change that happened in July was that our Official YouTube channel went live! For anyone that knows what a major part of our brand the channel is now, this was a big deal.Moving on to August and that month saw the release of one of the most groundbreaking and iconic tools we have ever released — the DEFIYIELD Rekt Database!This was the world’s first database of all the hacks, scams and exploits to hit crypto, which has become a must have resource for all DeFi users that want to stay safe.Our security credentials were boosted even further in the same month, when we passed the major milestone of 50 audits completed.In September, the biggest news was the integration of some of the most well-known L1 blockchains into the DEFIYIELD ecosystem.These included Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon and Arbitrum, which marked the start of the rush of new integrations that have characterized the past year.Not only that, the DEFIYIELD Audit Database of smart contract and project audits passed a major milestone too, with over 2,000 audits listed.The big releases just kept coming in the latter half of 2021, with October marking the point when our flagship cross-chain asset management dashboard was released.This secure DeFi dashboard has been a huge hit with our growing user base ever since, who use it to manage their DeFi lives, monitoring and moving assets across chain to generate yield and making the most of the opportunities available.We were able to celebrate this major launch with our community in person too, at the DEFIYIELD unofficial opening party for Solana Breakpoint, which took place in Lisbon.Moving on to November and DEFIYIELD had now integrated 11 of the biggest chains being used in DeFi!As well as Ethereum, where it all began, that meant adding xDAI, Celo, Moonriver, Harmony and Heco to the other five chains we had integrated a month earlier.Not only that, November also marked the point where we integrated Aave, one of the most significant DeFi protocols of all time.With 2021 coming to a close, there was no stopping our integration momentum!This included a major Non-EVM integration in the shape of Solana, the L1 blockchain that had lit up 2021 with its moves into DeFi and NFTs.As usual, DEFIYIELD was one of the first platforms to make this type of integration possible.Furthermore, the number of chains integrated was increasing. In December, there were 16 in total, with OKEx, Cronos, Boba and Kucoin joining Solana on the list of new DEFIYIELD integrations.The integrations kept coming at the start of 2022!In January, that meant nine new EVM integrations for Curve, Convex, VVS, WePiggy, IslandSwap, MojitoSwap, Olympus, Wonderland and Abracadabra.There was also a major update to the DEFIYIELD platform.For DeFi users who wanted to track their current positions and their investment progress so far, the addition of advanced Profit & Loss data during January was a big benefit.In February, you will have noticed a big visual change to the DEFIYIELD experience, when a new User Interface (UI) went live.Our users had loved the platform so far but we knew a visual upgrade would make life even easier and we were very happy with the results!Also in February, we were able to use the brilliant data we could access through the Audit and REKT Databases (just like all our users can!) to bring together a deep dive into the major Wormhole exploit, which had affected DeFi to the tune of $326 million lost.On to March and the integrations just kept on coming!By this point, we were up to 24 chains integrated into DEFIYIELD, with Cardano, Osmosis and Kava being just three of the most noteworthy additions at this point.It’s also worth noting that the DEFIYIELD YouTube channel we had launched in July 2021 was really expanding, just over 6 months since it launched. This included the investing strategy videos we were producing…and which we continue to release!As mentioned, the DEFIYIELD platform has been developed enormously throughout the last year and April saw the development of the Safety Shield.This automated and intelligent tool enables users to connect a wallet and instantly see any potential threats associated with it, so they can act quickly to plug security holes.Another big step forward on the security front occurred with the Audit Database passing the major milestone of over 5,000 audits listed, so available DeFi users can stay safe!By May 2022, the whole crypto community was well aware of the pioneering spirit that DEFIYIELD embodied and this was only made clearer by the fact that we were the first DeFi dashboard to integrate Cardano.Not only that, we also released another advanced DeFi investing feature in the ‘Explore Opportunities’ tool, which enables users to find new investing opportunities by searching for the platforms, tokens, vaults and yields they want.That’s not all either! May was a busy month for DEFIYIELD, including the release of our Ultimate Investing Guide to Venus Protocol.The truth is that the whole of Summer 2022 was full of major announcements and we were busy from May onwards.One of the biggest stages that DEFIYIELD appeared on during that time was Consensus 2022, which took place in Austin, Texas. Our Co-Founder Michael Rosmer appeared as part of the ‘Winning Trust in Web3’ panel, which sought to tackle the question of “how to access the next billion loyal customers” and why trust is a crucial part of the answer.June was also the month where, after all the progress of the last year, the crypto press really started to take note of DEFIYIELD!This was something that didn’t stop all summer and this month included mentions in leading publications such The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and Fortune.And of course the integrations did not stop! By June, we were up to 25 integrations, with Milkomeda amongst the latest to be brought onto the DEFIYIELD platform.As the Summer got really hot, so did the excitement around DEFIYIELD, with our unofficial opening party taking place at EthCC in Paris.It was another fantastic opportunity to meet up with our community and everyone who attended was able to mint the exclusive DEFIYIELD in Paris NFT too!And as we mentioned, the news coverage of DEFIYIELD just kept coming. Throughout July, this meant we appeared in articles by Blockworks, Forbes and Cryptoslate.We’re sure you’ll agree, the past year has been an amazing journey of growth and development for everyone involved in DEFIYIELD.We’ve worked hard to deliver and succeeded with so many milestones surpassed. But these achievements will never dampen our spirit to do more. In fact, it fires us up to make even more progress and push the boundaries even further!We couldn’t ask for more from our community and we appreciate everything you do for us. So, if you want to stay up to date with what’s on the agenda and become even more integrated into what DEFIYIELD is doing, there are a few resources to know about.We’re so happy to have you with us on this journey, so here’s to the next year of progress!Firstly, there’s the DEFIYIELD roadmap that tells you what we’re working on, now and in future:, for the absolute latest, you have to follow us on our main social and comms channels: 🌐 Website | 📱 Telegram | 🐦TwitterCheck our guides here!Good luck in farming!

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