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Two April weeks flew quickly, but we won’t stop achieving groundbreaking milestones with every day. Working without weekends our main goal stays without changes – protect the whole De.Fi Family with pioneering developments and expand De.Fi Ecosystem’s borders to cover more and more web3 space. Let’s dive into recent updates, that changed the general views on the Defi sphere. 

De.Fi on EigenLayer

We’re revolutionizing how De.Fiers engage with the Restaking through our De.Fi SuperApp. Now fully compatible with Restaking services, you can do these 4 things to do research and dive dipper into the sphere:

• Access extensive historical data on Restaking LPs/Vaults & track thousands of restaking pools• With our upgraded De.Fi Antivirus, everyone can assess any restaking contract’s security in seconds, ensuring your investments are protected. • And the main important key point is access to the best Restaking projects at their early stage.Just within a couple of days our De.Fi Accelerator will be live and De.Fi Family will be able to take part in the earliest stages of best Restaking projects.

Be the part of De.Fi Family and discover the future of capital efficiency.

5.5 Million DEFI tokens burned

Over the past two weeks, we burned more than 2,300,000 DEFI tokens and within the next weeks, we will burn ~6,500,000 more! The fifth and sixth waves of burning are parts of the strategic DEFI token burning aimed at fostering long-term growth.

$DEFI burn txs:

• 231,000 DEFI:

• 193,000 DEFI:

• 230,000 DEFI:

• 244,000 DEFI:

• 202,000 DEFI:

• 238,000 DEFI:• 205,000 DEFI:

• 162,000 DEFI:

• 202,000 DEFI:

• 195,000 DEFI:

• 170,000 DEFI:

Partnership with Rango

We proudly announced a partnership with RangoExchange, a leading cross-chain aggregator for 60+ chains that connects EVMs, L2s, BTC, and Solana. Rango’s community is protected with our World’s first and unique SocialFi Antivirus, enhancing security across the ecosystem. As we mentioned before, expanding of De.Fi Ecosystem’s borders is one of our main goals, and that’s why we are partnering with tens of Tier-1 projects on a consistent basis.

Announcement of the partnership ->

De.Fi x Catamoto meme contest 

We’ve partnered with Catamoto for the meme contest, engaging thousands of De.Fiers into a thrilling competition. Participants used the whole power of their creativity and humor, to divide the $1,000 prize pool. Tomorrow, we will announce 10 talented winners, and each will win 100$.

Tweet about De.Fi x Catamoto Meme contest ->

De.Fi & EthSeoul 

The De.Fi Family gatherings, including our trip to EthSeol and other notable events, are highlights of our years. These meetings are crucial as we discuss future developments, forge new partnerships, and expand our cooperation within the web3 industry. These events enrich the strengthening of our community ties, driving forward our missions.

Future milestones and development

In early April, we achieved significant milestones, including De.Fi & EigenLayer, enhancing our SuperApp’s compatibility with the Restaking opportunities. We’ve also undertaken massive token burns, burning over 2.3 million DEFI tokens, with plans to burn an additional 6.5 million. We continue our mission to protect the whole crypto landscape from thouthands of vulnerabilities to save millions of dollars of De.Fiers!

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