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In an impressive display of momentum and strategic growth, we have achieved several significant milestones in just two weeks. Listings on Top-tier CEXes, an announcement of a new raise on De.Fi Accelerator, DEFI on Solana, and many more milestones have been marked as “Done” in our history. Here’s a recap of the key developments 👇

Consensys is now backing De.Fi

Last week, we proudly announced that Consensys, the creator of MetaMask and Linea, has joined as an investor. This partnership marks the beginning of a new chapter in developing the pioneering De.Fi Ecosystem. Protection from crypto vulnerabilities, statistics of investments, quests, and tens of features that cover De.Fiers’ needs in surfing the Web3.

This strategic alliance will bring substantial benefits to De.Fi’s development and growth, promising more exciting news for the De.Fi Family in the near future.Announcement ->

DEFI is live on Solana

We have expanded our footprint into the Solana ecosystem by launching the DEFI token on Solana. This move aims to integrate DEFI with native Solana dApps, unlocking new opportunities for partnerships, synergies, and collaborations. 

The official contract for DEFI on Solana can be found here ->

Additionally, liquidity has been provided to Raydium DEX, facilitating trading on Solana’s DEX.

Next raise on De.Fi Accelerator – Legion Ventures

Just a few days ago, we announced that Legion Ventures will take a place for the next raise on De.Fi Accelerator. 

All information about the raise is accumulated in the article ->

DEFI on Bitmart & BTSE

After the launch of DEFI on Solana, it has been listed on two major CEXes: BitMart and BTSE. This expansion onto well-regarded platforms underscores the growing recognition of DEFI in the broader crypto community. 

To celebrate this achievement, we have organized an exciting trading competition on both exchanges. De.Fiers in these competitions have the opportunity to trade DEFI and complete tasks for the rewards. 

The trading competition aims to provide our De.Fi Family with a dynamic and rewarding experience. For those interested in participating or seeking more information about the listings and competition details, please refer to the official announcements:

– BitMart Listing ->

– BTSE Listing ->

De.Fi World 2024

We have announced De.Fi World 2024. It is set to be the largest conference in 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand. The event will be a grand gathering with over 500 participants, 75+ tier-1 speakers, and hundreds of founders. 

Additionally, we will cover travel expenses for the most active community members, including DEFI token stakers and active supporters! Detailed criteria will be announced soon.

Check out additional details about De.Fi World 2024 ->

De.Fiers worldwide

If we must define our main goal, it’s to meet and unite our De.Fiers worldwide. That’s why we’ve been hosting numerous events globally: to connect and engage with every De.Fier! We’ve held events in Italy, UAE, France, Portugal, and more!

One of our first major events was the Closing Party of Solana Breakpoint in 2021, described as wild, crazy, and productive. We’ve also hosted notable events like the Opening Party at EthCC 2021 and 2022 in Paris, the Exclusive Closing Party at Binance Blockchain Week 2022 in Dubai, and the largest Web3 Security Conference in Europe in 2023. 

This year, we’re excited to host DeFi World 2024 in Bangkok for over 500 attendees. For a complete list of our past events, visit ->

We are moving forward every day

Our recent achievements highlight the dedication to growth and bringing new innovations to the web3 space. By expanding into new ecosystems, facilitating new listings, and organizing major events, we aim to provide the best experience for De.Fiers. More exciting updates will be announced soon as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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