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In the latter half of January, cryptocurrency markets finally got a dose of much-needed relief! As the buzz and optimism returned to the industry, we at DEFIYIELD have been doubling down on building, announcing new integrations and partnerships across the range of centralized exchanges, new blockchains and leading crypto projects.We are now here to provide updates on the latest developments within the DeFi space, along with a sneak peek of some exciting new features that are landing in the coming weeks.Let’s have a look back on this fruitful second half of the month!HUGE Update of Explore Opportunities tab! added Historical APY to our Explore Opportunity!You can now click on LITERALLY any of the 10,000+ LPs that we track, and browse the historical change of APR, TVL, and more!(We also added different tabs for pools categories 💙)Go test it now!NEW INTEGRATION: KUCOIN EXCHANGEWe are thrilled to announce that DEFIYIELD has now completed their integration with KuCoin Exchange! You can now connect your KuCoin account and view all your assets on one DEFIYIELD dashboard, simply by using your API key from KuCoin.This integration means that our platform is now accessible to all of KuCoin’s account holders. With this integration, DEFIYIELD advances towards fulfilling its mission of delivering the optimal user experience to its expanding community, regardless of whether they invest using CeFi or DeFi platforms.NEW INTEGRATION: HUOBI EXCHANGEAs part of our mission to make moves between CeFi and DeFi as seamless as possible, we are thrilled to announce that we have integrated yet another exchange: Huobi!Here’s how you can connect your Huobi account and view all your assets!Go to defiyield.appClick on Connect Wallet > CEXChoose ‘Huobi’Enter your API Key (you can find this from these instructions)Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple platforms and keeping track of investments. DEFIYIELD Dashboard gathers all your assets from exchanges and DApps, enabling informed portfolio decisions. Its intuitive interface is easy to use, even for those new to crypto investing.NEW CHAIN INTEGRATION: BITCOINWe are excited to announce that we have now integrated the Bitcoin blockchain into the DEFIYIELD dashboard!If you have a self-custodial Bitcoin wallet, you can now track all your assets (or $BTC, rather), in our dashboard.With this feature, one exciting thing is that you can SPY on Exchanges…and see if your tokens are fully backed!All users can now make bundles of Exchanges’ $BTC Wallets, keeping a watch over their asset movements.NEW PARTNERSHIP: TRUST WALLETDEFIYIELD is thrilled to reveal its extensive partnership with TrustWallet. This collaboration is set to bring significant benefits to the DeFi community and help further DEFIYIELD’s mission of delivering the best possible user experience.The first phase of the partnership is the integration of TrustWallet into the DEFIYIELD Dashboard. This integration will provide users with a seamless experience, allowing them to manage all their assets in one convenient location. All users need to do is to connect their TrustWallet via the EVM Wallet Connect option!No more juggling multiple platforms and trying to keep track of investments — the DEFIYIELD Dashboard has everything they need to make informed decisions about their portfolio.This integration is just the beginning of the partnership between DEFIYIELD and TrustWallet. The two companies have plans to work together on several exciting projects that will continue to provide value to the DeFi community. With TrustWallet’s strong reputation in the crypto community and DEFIYIELD’s commitment to user experience, this partnership is poised to bring exciting new developments to the DeFi space.NEW PARTNERSHIP: COINGECKOThought that was the only heavyweight partnership in Late January? Think again!DEFIYIELD is proud to announce our partnership with CoinGecko, a leading cryptocurrency data analytics platform. Together, our teams have worked to provide the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of the crypto hacks and exploits of 2022.With this collaboration, we aim to educate and empower the crypto community, helping them avoid these costly mistakes in 2023. The increasing sophistication of cyber threats requires a heightened level of awareness and vigilance, and our partnership with CoinGecko will provide valuable insights and guidance to help secure your assets.Check out the article here!MOONBEAM BLOCKCHAIN INTEGRATIONMoonbeamNetwork, the Leading Parachain of Polkadot, is now integrated into the Dashboard!⚡️ Now the 2 biggest Polkadot’s Parachains: Moonbeam and Moonriver, are integrated into the DeFiYield Dashboard!You can now manage all your $GLMR and $MOVR Positions in 1 place 🥰ALLBRIDGE PROTOCOL INTEGRATIONGlad to Announce Allbridgeintegration into the DEFIYIELD Dashboard!Allbridge is one of the biggest DeFi Bridges, that has recently launched its Cross-Chain Stablecoin Swap — Allbridge Core 🔥We are glad to integrate Allbridge Core on $ETH and $BNB Blockchains!INDIGO PROTOCOL INTEGRATIONThe first and Biggest provider of synthetic assets for Cardano — Indigo, is also integrated into the DEFIYIELD Dashboard!Farming $INDY and synthetic assets on Cardano?Now, track and manage your positions with DEFIYIELD!DEFIYIELD MACRO TWITTER SPACES: 2023 KICKOFFAmidst a challenging economic landscape, it’s crucial for investors to stay informed and make informed decisions. The S&P500’s 600-point drop from its 2022 all-time high, combined with a struggling housing market and calls for further rate hikes from Federal Reserve policymakers, has many investors looking for answers. On January 24th, we hosted a Twitter Spaces event featuring 8 guest macroeconomics experts, to help shed light on the current state of the economy.Our latest Macro Twitter Space installment was a thrilling chance to gain firsthand perspectives on finance and economics trends and advancements, including a 2023 outlook for not just Crypto, other asset classes as well. We appreciate all who participated and contributed to the event’s success, with over 1,500 tuned in!Our YouTube channel is a great resource for DeFi enthusiasts, as it features daily content on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world.This week, our coverage included multiple Airdrops with the potential to earn thousands, some much-hyped upgrades to the Ethereum ecosystem, and a focus on how AI can be used to generate Crypto Alpha. Despite the bear market, we are proud to be one of the few crypto YouTube channels still thriving — reaching 16.9k subscribers this month!We have also just launched our Shorts channel, for those of you who prefer a brief recap. Check it out here!Right now we are GIVING AWAY free copies of Security Bibles — the most comprehensive DeFi Security Guide brought to you by the DeFiYield team!Grab your copy at:

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