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In a saturated market, breaking into the limelight takes more than the ordinary. With thousands of NFT collections and several more released daily, creators have had to go the extra mile to make their collections unique and valuable. Jack Butcher’s Opepen NFT collection proves that NFTs could offer beyond-normal experiences. The collection introduces unique features that make the NFTs not only valuable but also highly sought after. Unlike previously seen with open edition NFTs, the Opepen collection adds a level of expectation and hype that is often associated with limited edition NFTs. What makes the collection so special? Well, this article explains everything about the Opepen NFT collection. The collection has maintained top performances this year but for very good reasons. You may have wondered how often the NFT drops, then this article has your answer. You only have to read to the end. Let’s dive in! Opepen NFT Collection: The Genesis Launched on January 8, 2023, Opepen is an open edition NFT collection from NFT artist Jack Butcher. The digital artist is renowned for his numerous Open Edition NFT collections like Checks and VV Rare, which have achieved considerable success in the NFT space.The Opepen mint in January happened between a 60-minute window where users could mint the NFTs for free and a gas fee of around $5-10. Compared to most other tokens, Opepen NFTs can evolve following the drop drop, which means users can effectively choose what styling they end up with.  The collection consists of 16,000 Pepe-the-frog-inspired NFTs. The character from a 2005 cartoon is a recurring meme in the crypto and broader market space. Even though the NFTs were minted for free, the collection has enjoyed considerable success and has seen its value go through the roof. How does it work?The Opepen NFTs are not revealed at the mint. Instead, the artworks are revealed in sets, which extend over a period of time. Each edition contains 80 Opepens out of the 16,000 NFTs in the collection. For every set, there are six artworks available in one, four, five, ten, twenty, and forty pieces to make up the 80 for every drop. However, before a set is released, there must be a 2,000% demand. That is, at least 160 Opepen holders must ask to be a part of that edition. So far, there have been ten sets, each bagging way beyond the 2,000% required. Another exciting feature is that trends in the crypto space and the wider market often shape each edition. For instance, the VVR set was released after Apple launched its VR sets. Likewise, the Alien set also featured a design referencing Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks NFT collection.Opepen SetsAs mentioned earlier, the Opepen artwork reveal happens only when the holder opts in to be a part of the set. For that to happen, the Opepen owner will sign a message in their crypto wallet to have their full NFT revealed. So far, the released sets have featured unique designs with varied references and artwork inspirations. While some are like print editions, meaning everyone gets the same designs, others include minor variations. Also, the sets have been designed by several digital artists, with Jack designing the first set. Let’s have a brief look at all the released sets. Set 001: 8×8Released on May 3rd, this set was the first to be released after pulling a whopping 10,000% opt-ins. As it is the genesis set, it features some of the most expensive NFTs within the Opepen collection. Since its release, the set has garnered double-digit sales, with the highest-selling going for 25ETH. Jack Butcher designed this set. Set 002: Brought To Light Set 002 was also revealed on May 3rd, although with a reduced demand of 3,000%. The set was designed by renowned digital artist SD 2.1. The drop features 3D versions of the original Opepen design. It also has some 2D designs that appear to have been hand drawn by the artist. Set 003: Full CircleDigital artist Batz designed this set which launched on May 30th. Like previous sets, it surpassed the demand requirement after hitting more than 13,500%. The set features blue, green, white, and black tiles meshed in random shapes. Many designs in the set resemble Pepe the Frog, the meme inspiration behind the entire Opepen collection. Set 004: ConsensusThe Consensus set dropped on May 30th, the same day as the third set. Demand for the set exceeded 12,000%, even though set 003 had garnered over 13,500%. Artist VV designed this set, which comprises Pepe-inspired colorful squares and circles on a white background. The set hit considerable success and has the most expensive Opepen – Opepen #15180 – as of writing.Other NFTs in the sets have also sold for high price tags, with many going for over $15k. Set 005: VVR Designed by Jack Butcher, set 005 references the rise of spatial computing, dropping the same day Apple released its VR glasses. NFTs within this collection feature colorful figures that resemble VR glasses. Since its launch, NFTs within the set have seen moderate success on secondary marketplaces.According to data from OpenSea, the most expensive NFT within this set went for 6ETH.Set 006: PIV This set, created by artist PIV, commemorates the sixth anniversary of the CryptoPunks NFT collection. It also referenced six moments in art history. One of the standout NFTs in the set is the blue-black and turquoise “Alien” NFT that references CryptoPunks’ Alien NFT. The set was dropped on June 12. Set 007: Finite Set 007 is the third set designed by Opepen’s creator Jack Butcher. The set was released on June 28 after seeing a total demand of 10,944%. The set’s description on Opepen’s website reads, “Without the finite, we cannot appreciate the infinite.” It also states that the set is “a nod to the seven tiers of semi-perfect checks.” Checks is another open edition NFT collection from Jack Butcher. Set 008: InfiniteDropped on July 9, this set features NFTs bearing the same design, thus ruling out rarity or unique features. The set’s description states, “Without the infinite, we cannot appreciate the finite.” The set focus on the appreciation of art rather than the value attached to the NFTs, asking the holders to “consider the concept of infinity.” Digital artist Jalil created it.Set 009: UnityCreated by Jalil, set 009 dropped after hitting a demand of nearly 13,000%. The designs within the set introduce the theme of unity, asking viewers to think of the concept of “an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.” Unlike the infinite set, this set features various designs, mostly of geometric shapes. Set 010: 1/10 This set is the latest drop, created by digital artist VV. The set comprises original Opepen designs but in alternating white, black, and grey colors. The description of the set reads, “Yes and no in every conceivable variation. Out of these two, come everything.” The set dropped on July 24 after demand of over 9,000%.What makes the collection unique?Compared to many NFTs seen in the market, Opepen changes NFT arts as we know. Rather than building value through rarity and scarcity, Jack Butcher experimented with uniqueness. For instance, the drop mechanism is a novel concept in the NFT world. The mechanism generates interest in it and ensures that it sustains that high level of excitement with later drops. Likewise, the Opepen NFT shows how abundance, not rarity or scarcity, can sometimes generate high interest in an NFT. With its different sets, owners of Opepen NFTs have an array of sets to join. As a result, there are many options to select from in choosing the eventual design of their NFTs. Its uniqueness has also drawn a lot of attention, with personalities in the crypto space joining in on the trend. At some point, even major crypto entities jumped on the Opepen trend, thus boosting its popularity more. Opepen ThreaditionOpepen Threadition is an open edition NFT collection created by Jack Butcher for an NFT Influencer ThreadGuy. Before the collaboration, a Jack Butcher Maximalist had approached ThreadGuy to exchange his Mutant Ape PFP for his highly sought-after first-edition Opepen NFT. However, that offer was not enough to convince ThreadGuy, who had since become synonymous with his Mutant Ape PFP, however, that was before Jack Butcher made his offer. Instead of merely asking to change his PFP, Jack designed a customized Opepen PFP inspired by ThreadGuy’s Mutant Ape. ThreadGuy accepted the offer and changed his PFP to the new Opepen NFT. Expectedly, that generated a lot of buzz and frenzy, with many copycats coming up. Jack then took it further by launching an open edition of the customized NFT that anyone can mint for around $2. Sales from the open edition have since generated over $96,000, with more than 51,000 NFTs created. In addition, many crypto personalities jumped on the trend, with Beeple even getting his custom Opepen NFT from Jack Butcher.  Final words The Opepen NFT collection has introduced a novel idea of how NFTs can maintain and sustain value. With 190 sets still to drop, the collection still has a lot to offer its holders and the entire NFT ecosystem.Want more? Connect with NFT PlazasJoin the Weekly NewsletterFollow us on TwitterLike us on FacebookFollow us on Instagram*All investment/financial opinions expressed by NFT Plazas are from the personal research and experience of our site moderators and are intended as educational material only. Individuals are required to fully research any product prior to making any kind of investment.A blockchain maximalist who believes that technology is necessary for the future we are heading to. An ardent researcher and writer who uses his writings to inform about the prospects in the blockchain space.

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